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Dr. Klaun - since 1999, the Czech Republic’s first and original hospital clown initiative.
Dr. Klaun - since 1999, the Czech Republic’s first and original hospital clown initiative.
Dr. Pet - life is better with a little help from a furry friend
Dr. Pet - life is better with a little help from a furry friend
Dr. Klaun - smiles for seniors
Dr. Pet - life is better with a little help from a furry friend
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Jaromír Jágr Ice Hockey Olympic Gold Medalist

I support Dr. Klaun because they are transparent. The money we collect for them has the desired impact and doesn´t end up in black holes.
Jaromír Jágr

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Help us to send smiles forward to spread cheers and laughter to those in dire need of it – children and seniors alike. Become a Dr. Clown supporter! All our visits are free of charge and only supported by YOU! 

About us

Kicked off in 1999 at Prague´s Motol hospital, Dr. Clown is the first and original hospital clown initiative in the Czech Republic. It is one of the signature projects of the non-profit organization Chance 4 Children z.s. (  Our Dr. Clown teams have dedicated themselves to bring their famous Laughter Therapy to hospitalized children and the elderly (our “older children”), helping them overcome serious sicknesses, loneliness and the trauma of isolation.

Cheers, smiles and laughter follow our specially trained Dr. Clown teams wherever they go. Their distinctive Laughter Therapy is aimed at supporting the natural healing process of their little (or not so little) patients - to get them on the road to recovery. Striving for best practices, our clowns are working right alongside the medical staff of the hospitals, hospices and homes for the elderly they visit.

During their more than 20 years of activities in the country, the clowns have visited more than 235.000 children and adults in thousands of children wards and homes for the elderly around the country and brought them joy and relief from their oftentimes dire situations.

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  • „In the name of our patients, the children of the department of hematology and oncology, we’d like to heartily thank you for your long term cooperation. Your highly entertaining programs for children have become an integral and high-quality part of our psychological-social care concept for the young patients of our clinic.“

    Jana Vítová head psychologist of the children’s hematology and oncology department at Motol hospital in Prague
  • "I would like to thank the clowns for cooperating with "our" (I hope I can write that because we consider you ours). You are amazing and you evoke very pleasant responses to the ward for both parents and children. By entertaining our patients, you make the work of staff who are excited about your work easier. You always conjure smiles on all faces, and that's a priceless reward for all of us. We are glad to have you. We hope you will stay with us for a long time, we will be happy to be your grateful audience."

    Mgr. Jana Šadibolová Head nurse, paediatrics, Ostrava hospital
  • "Since 2006, your initiative in the children's ward has been actively helping hospitalized children to overcome their fear of the hospital environment. Your entire Chance 4 Children team does an incredible job for sick children who forget, at least for a moment, being separated from their loved ones. Good mood, laughter and giggles surround you wherever you go. That laughter is one of the best drugs is nothing new. Laughter has been shown to speed up natural healing processes, stimulate proper breathing, strengthen the will to live, positively affect the immune system and release hidden healing powers."

    Věra Volfová, Marie Marvanová and Marie Nesvorná Rudolf and Stefanie Benešov Hospital, Hospital of the Central Bohemian Region

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