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Dr. Klaun: for children

Dr. Klaun: for children

Dr. Klaun: for children

Kicked off in 1999 at Prague´s Motol hospital, Dr. Clown is the first and original hospital clown initiative in the Czech Republic. It is one of the signature projects of the non-profit organization Chance 4 Children z.s. (

Cheers, smiles and laughter follow our specially trained Dr. Clown teams wherever they go. Their distinctive Laughter Therapyis aimed at supporting the natural healing process of their little patients and help them on the road to recovery.

Inspired by the research of Dr. Hunter „Patch“ Adams in the US, Dr. Clown’s team of enthusiastic clowns has tirelessly spread smiles, laughter and cheer to hospitalized children across the country. Dr. Adam’s work and research attained world-wide fame and was immortalized by the Hollywood blockbuster movie Patch Adams“, starring Robin Williams.

During their 20+ years of activities, our hospital clowns clowns have visited more than 235.000 children in hundreds of children wards around the country and brought them joy and relief from their oftentimes dire situations and life-threatening illnesses.

It´s a fact- smiles and laughter are therapeutic! Even age-old proverbs and adages attest to this fact:

„A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.“ (Proverbs 17:22)

„Laughter is the cheapest and most efficient wonder-drug, a universal medicine.“
(Bertrand Russel)

„Smiling at your neighbor not only makes for a better day, but also a better world.“
(Dr.  Hunter „Patch“ Adams)

But it´s only been fairly recent, though, that laughter’s therapeutic value has been documented in peer reviewed studies by a host of serious, scientific researchers in this field.

According to their findings, joy and laughter can:

  • accelerate the natural healing process
  • positively affect the immune system
  • stimulate proper breathing
  • strengthen the will to live
  • release hidden healing powers

Our Dr. Clown teams are made up of certified and highly trained hospital clowns and helpers dedicated to aid and assist children in their fight against sickness and the dreaded “hospital blues”. Striving for best practices, they are working right alongside the physicians and staff of children wards and hospitals to ensure the best possible experience for the children they visit.

Thank you for giving us your support and the opportunity to help ailing children - for over 20 years! Please remember - all our hospital visits, the smiles we give, the cheer we spread, are free of charge to the hospitals and children we visit! We are supported only through your kind contributions and donations. Will you help us to pass on a smile forward to a needy child?Click here to do so now!

Thank you for caring!

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