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Playing with colors

Playing with colors

Pioneered by C4C´s Martina Pupcsikova, “Playing with Colors” is an Art Therapy, engaging hospitalized children through art and reading. It brings a calming effect to hospital´s children wards, different from Dr. Clown´s classic “clowning around”.  PwC is mainly used in specialized wards like child psychiatry and oncology in children´s hospitals.

Martina also authored the Czech children´s book “Pohadki k Docmarani”, (Eng.: “Fairy-tales to draw in”). Originally, Martina read her fairy-tales to children in hospitals, inspiring them to draw pictures while listening. The 150 illustrations she collected this way were incorporated into the final print version of her book, which she continues to read to hospitalized children as part of the overall concept of her “Playing with Colors” art therapy. Read more about this here.

PwC provides therapeutic support to young patients, giving them the opportunity to listen to stories while drawing and painting.

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