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It´s been over 20 years, since our Dr. Clown team first introduced their "Laughter Therapy" to the children at Motol hospital in Prague – inspired by the research and work of Dr. Hunter Patch Adams in the USA.

That year, in 1999, Dr. Clown became the first and original hospital clown initiative in the Czech Republic!

The influence of the visiting clowns, a new and strange phenomenon in 1999, was felt immediately in the corridors of the Motol hospital, prompting Mgr. Jana Vichova, the head psychologist of the children´s hematology and oncology department to exclaim:

“In the name of our patients, the children of the hematology and oncology departments, we´d like to heartily thank you for your long term cooperation. Your highly entertaining programs for children have become an integral and high quality part of our psychological-social care concept for the young patients in our clinic.”

Hospital clowning had found its inception in the Czech Republic! Children wards all over the country would soon enjoy the visits of professionally trained hospitals clowns.  Today, decades later, hospital clowning has been widely adopted by the majority of children wards in the country and has claimed its enduring place among the social care concepts of these institutions.


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