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Our mission

Our mission

Giving a smile in their hour of need to hospitalized children and the elderly – that´s Dr. Clown´s mission and the task our clowns have dedicated themselves to – since 1999!

Hospitals, hospices and senior homes are places where anyone of us might need a bit of help and loving care one day and appreciate a visit from our Clown Doctors. We never know who will end up there, but no one is looking forward to actually being there.

Our laughter therapy professionals regularly visit places where people are in need of love and laughter – children and adults alike.

They offer its residents empathy, a listening ear – even their very hearts and respond flexibly and intuitively according to the needs of each individual. Each visit is unique, as are the people we visit.

The smiles we receive in exchange, from the most insignificant giggle to explosions of laughter, are our reward; we see them as gifts to each other. We know that we won’t completely change our patient’s fates. Our mission is to help them to forget their pain and worries, thus helping them on the road to recovery.

Remembering how a sad place turned into a good time, many of our “patients” and even hospital staff penned a note of thanks and appreciation for us. Read some of them here.

Thank you for giving us your support and the opportunity to laugh with you - for over 20 years!

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