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Dr. Klaun: for seniors

Dr. Klaun: for seniors


It´s been over 20 years, since 1999 to be exact, since our Dr. Clown team introduced their "Laughter Therapy" to the children wards at Motol hospital in Prague. The impact of applying humor and laughter therapeutically, as a method to help children overcome the trauma of prolonged hospitalization, has since reverberated and spread to almost every hospital in the country.

But, meanwhile, it has become apparent that Laughter Therapy not only impacts children in a positive way! Let us introduce you to our “Smiles 4 Seniors” program!

The Lancet, one of the world´s most respected medical journals, reported that recent research has suggested that some older people, when treated with humor as a way of coping with the challenges of ageing, might be more likely to live longer, age well, and be more satisfied with their physical health and experience a better quality of life.

When elderly people are transferred to nursing homes, palliative or long-term care facilities, they often become passive, agitated, withdrawn and depressed.

Enter the “Smiles 4 Seniors” clowns - and you quickly find out that what applies to children, applies to seniors and dementia patients to a large degree as well. A visible change comes over these formerly withdrawn and passive tenants when our clowns enter their lives. They become lively, engaged, and smile. The results are magical!

Our professional clown teams use improvisation, humor and empathy, as well as helpful tools such as music, songs, dance and magic to engage nursing home residents. Even Yoga has become the rage with some of them.

Look at the pictures and nothing further needs to be said! Smiles 4 Seniors changes lives!

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