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About us:

  • Based on over 20 years of hands-on practice, we strive for professionalism and effectiveness of each one of our Clowns.
  • All our clowns undergo regular, in-depth training in collaboration with: psychologists, actors, musicians, magicians, improvisers and other professionals, focusing on patient needs and how to meet them.
  • Novice clowns first visits are always under the supervision and watchful eyes of senior colleagues.
  • Dr. Clown teams always work hand in hand with the staff of the care facilities they are visiting, to assure best practices and experiences for the residents.
  • An important training aspect for hospital clowns is to exchange experiences in guided discussions and to be able to consult a professional at any time when new needs arise. This has proven particularly useful during the Covid crisis, when the needs of hospitals and patients suddenly radically changed.
  • While visiting patients, we fully respect their privacy and current condition, as well as their mood and needs. 
  • Our clowns avoid rehearsed skits and routines, as they run counter to sensitivity and individual patient's needs. They are taught to improvise and sensitively adapt to their “patients”. 
  • Most of our clowns have “real lives” and many of them are educators, artists, social workers and psychologists – but all of them are selected for their empathy, dedication and love for the task on hand. 
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