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Six Ways to Make a Difference Together!

Thinking of helping Dr. Clown to spread laughter and joy to seniors and hospital children alike?

Six Ways to Make a Difference Together!

Here are a few straightforward, transparent and effective ways to make a difference - together! To start this off on the right footing, here´s a quote from a true Czech giant about Dr. Clown:

“I support Dr. Clown because this charity works transparently. It´s important for me to know that funds we collect have the desired impact and don´t disappear into black holes. That's why I chose to support Dr. Clown. ”
Ice Hockey super star Jagomir Jagr

1) The Happy Way: adopt a hospital or care facility and help children and seniors to smile and heal

Sponsor a Dr. Clown team to visit a single hospital or senior home starting at 5.000 Kc/month, or become the title sponsor of the whole Dr. Clown initiative - depending on your charitable budget. Expect regular reporting to see what your money was used for - in strict accordance with our statutes. Your company name & logo will either be on all our brochures and flyers and/or vehicles, banners, websites, hospital doors, entrances of orphanages, etc. - depending on your level of partnership. Just talk to us about your degree of involvement and we´ll come up with a win-win situation to your liking.

2) The Special Event Way:

Organize a fundraising event around Dr. Clown and rally your friends, partners and associates around a common cause! This could be your company's summer party, Christmas party, a golf tournament, sports event, marathon or an auction or raffle - the sky is the limit! For a more personalized approach, scroll down to “The Happy Birthday Way”.

3) The Business Way - let your customers participate

Join a host of other companies and incorporate our "When little is much!" concept into the business plan and accounting of your company. Add a fixed amount to a bill or charge a mere fraction of a total invoice and let your customers participate in raising funds for Dr. Clown. Typical charges range from several hellers per item (high volume sales) to a 1 Euro surcharge (5 star Hotels, etc) or 0.5% per invoice. It´s totally up to your imagination. You can even match the amount from your own charitable budget if you´re up to it! There is lots of room for innovative individual solutions. Contact us!

4) The "Happy Birthday" way: adopt a "no-presents" theme for your next birthday anniversary.

Ever wondered  what birthday presents to give to those who seemingly already have it all? Here's the solution: Instead of birthday presents, have guests designate a donation to a charitable cause instead!  A decennial birthday party (30th, 40th, 50th ...) would be the ideal occasion, but, really, any birthday will do. With a little organization you'll be surprised how much of a meaningful contribution your birthday can make in the lives of  hospitalized children battling with sickness and disease.

Do it, if at all possible, before you turn centenarian (100). Remember: the older you get, the fewer friends you'll have ... :-)

5) The “Title (Main) Sponsor” way

Looking for a way to add value to your brand by hammering out a meaningful CSR program? Look no further! We are on the look-out for a title sponsor for our Dr. Clown program (if you are a pharmaceutical company, for instance), if you´d like to take the whole program, nationwide, under your wings. It´s no secret that companies who “give back” to the community they are doing business in, position themselves as a responsible enterprise that customers can trust. Best is to call us or write us an email with your intentions, expectations, etc., and we can work together to make it a win-win for all involved!

6) The "Take-It-And-Run" way: make a one-off or regular donation

Commit a fixed amount available to you and make a one-time or regular donation to Dr. Clown. We promise to invest your windfall in a responsible and transparent way into helping ill children and lonely seniors with our popular Laughter Therapy - in strict accordance with our statutes. You can contribute from 300 Kc monthly on upward with no limit on the upper end of the spectrum. Click here to donate now, either one-off or regular, and help us to make a difference. Just do what you can.

The “I Just Can´t Afford it Way”

If you fall into this category – no worries!  Thank you for being a friend of Dr. Clown. Simply remain a friend and recommend us to your friends or contacts. Like us on Facebook, spread the word about us or contact us about volunteering opportunities. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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