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Job Offer for English Speakers

Fundraisers needed, 50-60k monthly

Meaningful work – making a difference!

For starters:

We are Chance 4 Children ( and actually – that says it all! Not much more to add… For the last 25 years+ C4C, one of the longest serving non-profits in the country, has been lending a helping hand to Czech children less fortunate than our own: the seriously ill, the socially handicapped, the downtrodden and the disadvantaged. Check us out. We are a colorful team of folks dedicated to the idea of making a difference and changing lives for the better. Like Mother Teresa once said: If you change one life – you have changed the world!

Job offer:

As our team and our challenges are ever growing and there´s always so much more to do than we have the resources for, we are looking for a team of English-speaking Fundraisers, full or part time, to help us fund our efforts.

Are we looking for you? Are you looking for us? Want do something meaningful (for a change)?

For the last 15 years we have a team of Czech Fundraisers, working for C4C under the safety umbrella of our public collection, approved by the magistrate of Prague. They mainly offer a series of very popular printed fridge magnets with inspirational quotes, quips, jokes and pictures. You might have seen them on a friend’s fridge, in a bar, etc. And they have been so successfully doing it, the team has hardly changed at all during all these years.

We believe what has been done in Czech can also be done in English, focusing mainly on the millions of tourists milling the streets of Prague and elsewhere. Together with award winning photographer Kamil Prochazka, we have now designed a series of postcards, featuring exclusive shots out of his collection of the city of Prague. We simply branded them Postcards 4 Charity.

We would like to offer these for a small donation to a good cause to foreign tourist visiting Prague, as we do with our magnets to a Czech audience. Members of our Czech team average around 50-60k/month, working full time. No reason you can´t too! But you can also work part time –all according to your preferences and circumstances.

If you feel like you´d like to be part of a team of idealistic, joyful people, pursuing meaningful, fulfilling work and changing lives - maybe this is for you? If so, you should:

  • have an outgoing, friendly personality
  • not be shy to approach people
  • have a good sense of humor
  • not be easily intimidated
  • enjoy meeting people
  • be a good communicator
  • have a neat appearance
  • You don´t have to:
  • be perfect (nobody here is)
  • be a computer geek
  • impress us with a long CV or degrees
  • be a driver
  • be politically correct (odd balls and individualist are welcome…)
  • be a “team-player”, or whatever else corporate parlance requires as a must… (but it´s OK if you are)
  • be politically left, right or center
  • be religious (but it´s OK if you are)

We will provide on the job training to get you ready and provide you with a credit card terminal for transactions other than cash. You´ll be working under the protection of an authorized public collection and with the back-up of a bona fide charity with over 25 years of experience.

If you are interested, why not contact us? We´d be happy to meet you for a coffee or whatever else turns you on. You can write us here:, or call us at: +420 777 896 41

Looking forward to hearing from you.

David Belza
Fundraising manager
Chance 4 Children z.s.

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