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Dr. Klaun: on-line

Dr. Klaun: on-line

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention” is a metaphor that certainly applies to C4C´s “Online Dr. Clown” initiative. During the two-year long Covid crisis, hospitals closed their doors to our visiting clown teams, resulting in many sad youngsters, waiting in vain for their favorite hospital past time: Dr. Clown visits!

Even though our clowns came up with some out of the box ideas, like clowning from crane platforms and balconies (see here and here), both solutions were ultimately not sustainable.

Factor in SAMSUNG Czech Republic!

When hearing about our dilemma, the iconic company donated a full box Galaxy Tab S6 tablets, to make the concept of on-line clown visits become a reality! Even post-pandemic, the concept of “on-line-clowning-via-tablets” continues. The tablets now make it possible to reach children in isolation when their medical conditions warrant quarantine.

 “Hey Google, connect me via Google Meet with my favorite clown…”

 “OK, wait a sec, connecting you now to your favorite clown…”

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