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Dr. Pet

Dr. Pet

Whoever had the pleasure to stroke a dog´s soft ears can testify to the calming effect an animal´s presence offers.  Dr. Pet is a canine therapy project of Dr. Clown, harnessing the natural human-animal bond. Our certified therapy dogs capture hearts with their natural charm and calmness. Children's eyes light up and they break out into smiles when they can pet a furry visitor – it´s something they welcome enthusiastically and will always remember.

But canine therapy not only impacts children.

Elderly people in nursing homes or long-term care facilities often become inactive, withdrawn and depressed, because of the lack of regular visitors or the loss of loved ones. Enter Dr. Pet and a wagging tail into the equation and a visible change comes over these formerly passive tenants. They become lively, engaged and eager to pet and smile.

„It´s amazing, but contact with our lovely, certified dogs can bring seniors out of their shells and make them happier and more communicative”, exclaims C4C´s Martina Pupcsikova.

It´s no secret and many pet owners will attest to this: being around animals makes people feel better, healthier and happier. Including seniors!

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